untitled (senegal)
film, color, 7’00’’
original soundtrack by Bedis Tir
edition of 5 + 2 AP

(senegal) is a video presenting both the vestiges of African History and the mystic rituals associated with Senegalese Wrestling. Through a deconstructed narration and different mediums – HD, VHS, Super 8, iPhone, Webcam, Google Earth –  the film depicts, in varied decors, a ceremony involving ablution with milk and holy water, sacred clothing, prayers, and choreography. The video, played to psychedelic and science-fiction beats, is also combined with interludes filmed in several places in the country. These excerpts follow the journey and the investigation that was led, and display a subjective inventory of symbols of colonialism and slavery. Anarchic and experimental, the film and soundtrack are a mix between a research documentary and the aesthetics of a contemporary music video. Beyond the performative and spiritual beauty of the wrestler, (senegal) is a work built around forms of submission and violence, be they athletic or political.
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