untitled (gypsy)
solar panel, postcard, paint
100 x 166 x 10 cm
39 x 65 x 4 inches
edition of 3 + 1 AP

Untitled (gypsy) is a composition made up of a solar panel and a photograph taken by Gusto Zagg at a Gypsy camp, in France. The print is presented in the form of a postcard, an allegory for displacement and temporary residence, chronic experiences to this community. The background is covered in white paint, destined to erase all narrative elements and inspired by the destruction of the urban camp by authorities.
The photograph prominently features a young boy’s gold tooth, an old tradition among Gypsies – a symbol of wealth and a mark of dignity that strikingly contrasts with the precarious frame of the shot. The solar panel evokes the difficulty of access to thermal or electric energy for these populations largely exposed to climate conditions.
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