in progress
untitled (freeway)
digital film
color, sound

Filmed in Los Angeles, (freeway) is a video that retraces the approximate route of a high-speed chase that took place between the police and Rodney King on March 3rd, 1991. It indirectly examines the story of the beating of an African-American citizen by white police officers, whose acquittal would lead to the L.A. riots in 1992. Wide boulevards, cars, palm trees and an orange-tinted sky : the continuous tracking shot filmed from the freeway manipulates the popular codes of the city. The video is also accompanied by an audio recording with people of Los Angeles – a voiceover reading of an excerpt of “Jose Campos Torres” by the poet, author, and musician Gil Scott-Heron.
The radical 1978 text evokes police brutality, racial hatred, and social oppression. The words and images underscore the tension around the condition of African-Americans and immigrants in the United States. (freeway) deals with racist violence that speaks to the current moment in collective American History.