untitled (fra/alg)
print on paper
130 x 270 cm
51 x 106 inches
edition of 6 + 1 AP

(fra/alg) is a photographic print obtained from a screenshot of the disputed France-Algeria soccer match of 2001, at the Stade de France. The image is frozen at the moment when a group of Algerian fans rushed onto the field, causing the match to be suspended in the 76th minute. An attempt to establish a symbolic post-colonial reconciliation between the two nations, the friendly match was, above all, a politically motivated and highly mediatized initiative. The print creates the illusion of a pixelated painting, a digital fresco pulled from an Internet video archive. It reframes the object of the poster celebrating a memorable sporting event to expose a controversial action. The field becomes an outlet for Algerian fans : broadcast live, the moment signalled great frustration and a failure of integration.