untitled (fireworks.mov)
performance in the Mediterranean Sea
digital film, color, 5’00’’
original soundtrack by Bedis Tir
edition of 5 + 2 AP


(fireworks.mov) presents a clandestine fireworks show in the Mediterranean, composed uniquely of red rockets. Inspired by the distress signals launched at sea, the project is a symbolic work exploring the failure of migrants attempting the crossing to Europe. A universal symbol of celebration, the fireworks were instead reappropriated and turned into a mark of urgency, taking on a critical and political purpose. The spontaneous happening was filmed and photographed on a cell phone, a tool used to communicate, geolocalise, or translate during a migratory journey.
The images captured in low resolution constitute the only archives of the nocturnal action, which was carried out without any spectators. The video is also punctuated by Techno music, alarming and brutal, created for immersive screenings. With neither date nor precise location, the project turns away from what is in the news and looks at the Mediterranean Sea as a whole, beyond a specific zone. (fireworks) highlights a modern tragedy and introduces a free and subversive representation of the migratory drama, different from the traditional images in the media.