untitled (burning car)
digital film, 4'03''
color, sound
edition of 5 + 2 AP


(burning car) is a video filmed at night, without permission, in an undetermined setting. Shot with a cell phone, resembling an amateur web video, it shows a car set aflame with a Molotov cocktail. The performance is inspired by a rumor – which proved to be true – about reporters offering money in exchange for a burned vehicle during the first urban riots televised in France, in the summer of 1981. The piece recreates images of corruption and evokes a largely shared imaginary : that of the car as a receptacle of revolt. The radical gesture can be read as the necessity of outbreaks of violence and the expression of a social group cloistered in projects.
(burning car) is a semi-fictional work, blurring the line between filmic creation and a real act of vandalism. It defies the legal regulations of filming and denounces the manufacturing of images by the press. The framework of the exhibition determines the effect of the video, as the media topic is now transferred into the artistic field. Presented as large-scale screening, the images framed by the iPhone are conceived as a restored version of the incidents.